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Monday, May 14, 2018

Successful Replacement for Condoms

After discovering research on monolaurin, which is a molecule that has destructive forces against many sexual transmitted diseases and has been researched and tested in many countries, my experiments have changed to a more sexual nature.

People who have been following my stories can probably tell that I was into protecting myself from getting any sexually transmitted diseases is a priority, primarily by using condoms for oral and anal sex. I am HIV negative, and want to prevent that at any cost.

But finding research on Prep, which is a medication that is taken daily (in my case) to prevent any exposure to HIV from causing any infection, has allowed me to review and update my safe sex practices. I need another safeguard to protect me from all the other non-HIV infections as well.

Monolaurin was the key. Looking at the government science articles on its efficiency on killing most STDs, and its use in developing countries to prevent and treat infections, I had to take a closer look into this. I am glad that I did.

I admit to being scared of barebacking (sex without condoms). For my whole life, condoms dominated my philosophy of safe sex. Bareback was the way infections spread. Condoms protected me all my life. With new defenses now in my awareness, it was time to update my protocols for safety.

Now, I rely on what I take internally (Prep and monolaurin) as my protection against STDs. Being followed closely with my doctor, I have started barebacking last year when I started my new protocol. I needed to prove that with a high level of condomless sexual activity, no infection would occur.

Now that it has been almost a year since I started my experiment, and being tested on a very regular basis of every few weeks, I have to report that it was a success.

No sexually transmitted diseases in the testing period, and my confidence in this has skyrocketed to coming public with my findings.

The number of clients that prefer bareback sex is quite high. In a way, offering this has boosted work and pleasure as well. Psychologically, not having to worry about catching anything from anybody is a huge relief. It actually changed my sexual life in a big way, and feel so liberated to be protected.

I recommend those who worry about diseases to do as much research on monolaurin as possible. It's easy and cost effective to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially those who are sexually active.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle out

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