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After escorting more than a decade full-time as a single means of employement, I have so many things to share about my experiences. It is not everybody who personally knows an escort, and maybe never thought that they are more than just a person who gets paid for 'services'. I love writing, so naturally I write about what I know best: my work. Since I don't have any co-workers to chat with, I will let you all inside my little head.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Reconnecting with blogging

Revivifying this blog has taken a while, but today is special. Inspired action would be the best way to describe it. So allow me to begin.

The evolution of my escorting work has led me to reframing it as a therapeutic healing session, which envelopes all modalities that make those involved to be generally better spirits from their time together. The focus is on quality time together, and co-creating a series of these moments over an unknown period. Emotions are totally allowed to develop and foster in their own way, as this is understood to be part of the whole reason for interactive sessions.

The emotional spectrum of love, lust, desire, affection and tenderness can be activated to balance the negative onslaught that can be tiring at times. With this in mind, it is easy to open to the right guys who resonate with me during our time together. Exchanging stories and conversations about interesting topics deepen the connections in our brains and we both have shared history that our memories can replay to make us smile when we recall them. 

Today's world brings almost all material things accessible to almost everyone, so the value of gaining real life experience with spending quality time with someone you truly desire to be with has increased dramatically. There's an observable point where the desire to truly experience a change in the everyday routine manifests itself into actions leading directly to me. This is how I feel happens when someone schedules an appointment with me from my other website.

Constantly researching and have come up with new health-improving experiments, as well as refining skills in understanding personality types and the relationships between them, has brought me to blogging here again, my outlet that has allowed me to share my perspective to the ones who truly care about what I write over so many years. 

I am truly grateful for your attention and until next time, 

Love Ronielle 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Justfor.fans/chemicalpenisronielle Profile

Working on my new profile on justfor.fans/chemicalpenisronielle which allows me to create content with 3 different subscription options. The reason is because I have a ton of valuable information, but really want to be sure only the right people will get it.

Because my personal research takes time, energy and money to continue, I am exploring on having support from my dear fans who, through a monthly subscription, will allow me to concentrate on making more content and videos.

Beyond doing webcam consultations at $150/h, a monthly subscription that has access to the Gold 🥇 tier is only $30/month, which gives you access to me answering questions and creating content based on what you want concerning chemical penis enlargement. This will replace my chemical penis enlargement blog, which is still free but with limited information. Gold subscriptions give access to silver 🥈 and bronze 🥉 tiers, too, described below.

Not into chemical penis enlargement? The Silver 🥈 tier $20/month gives you access to my adult content where I can show you all that I know based on my (gulp) 20 years experience as a gay escort. I will go over my personal sex life with anecdotes, and of course be responsive to reasonable requests from subscribers. My intension is to post only what you want. This will replace my escorting blog, and contains full nudity and not suitable for public viewing (or turn on mute and hide the screen). Silver 🥈 tier includes the following Bronze 🥉tier, but not the Gold (penis enlargement content) tier.

Cutting edge science and finding daily applications to optimizing a long, high quality lifestyle is what I share in the Bronze 🥉 tier, at $10/month. There is no frontal nudity in this tier, and it will be safe to view in public. My goal here is for sharing tips that I use myself that may help you make informed decisions about your everyday choices. I have a lot of nerdy references that can be looked up for further discussion. Longevity and anti-aging science is important for a metrosexual lifestyle, and I share my daily experiences with subscribers who are curious about what gives positive results.

If you have found any of my past content online to be useful, and you want me to continue making more stuff on the things you love, please visit my new website and take a look around. I would be thrilled to make content for my supporters, and each one of you is important to me.

See you there!
Love Ronielle

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Monday, October 1, 2018

New Blog Created, please check it out,

Late night vlogging has led me to make product demonstration and information videos, and now on my new blog on atomyron.wordpress.com .

I'm having fun with making impromptu video logs, and with the intention of sharing my daily rituals that are important to me.

Realizing that skin care and anti-aging regimen is not widely known nor practiced where I live, especially for men, this new blog will be helpful in

-learning about helpful products for self-care
-know exactly what I use daily for my own results
-how I get them and how you can, if you want to try it out yourself

Please take a look at my new blog on self-care products that I recommend and use everyday.

If you are a supporter/fan of my work, please share my new blog atomyron.wordpress.com on your social media with a good word!

Thank you so much in advance,


Friday, September 21, 2018

Transforming requires changing daily changes. Ugh

New morning routine! I almost didn't have the discipline to go to the gym this morning in Montréal's wind storm, but here I am on the stepping machine. I wrote this earlier today but posted it in the afternoon.

So I have decided to commit to a work challenge that will start on Oct 1st to the 13th. This challenge will immediately determine whether or not I get a promotion and a paycheck next month, and how effective my self improvement program is in terms of effectiveness in increasing my productivity. Hopefully all this works, and I preparing to succeed in it.

Changing myself is what I desire the most. So far, all the decisions I have made in my past have brought me to where I am now. Taking responsibility for myself and taking action is my present situation.

My mentor, Esther, has me on a leadership project and the learning  and education is pushing me out of my comfort zone. The energy expenditure is massive, and I find myself looking for energy sources to maintain the level of activity. The last time I experienced this type of surge in activities for work was with the army when I was 18 years old, and it was 3 years to accomplish my goals back then. Luckily I started using Hemohim gel orally (as she suggested to try) , as to assist with the fatigue and exhaustion, and to prevent burnout. It is working so far.

I am dedicating my next 3 years to transform my future forever. Knowing that change is painful, and preparing for the sacrifices that I will have to make. So, looking carefully on the habits that brought me to now and asking myself whether or not it will directly help me achieve my goals. Time to cut off the personality traits that I have no future use for, like laziness and excuse making. Time for making better decisions and acting towards my goals.

Networking and maintaining social connections is an important part of my life. Finding a job in network marketing/direct sales seems like a perfect fit, since I have been selling since elementary school (keychains in the school yard, my friends started collecting them and it became a hit). I bought each keychain for 25 cents and sold them for a dollar.

My friends always had money, and I had to find ways to earn my own, even at 8 years old. Allowances was for everyone else. Now I look back at the lessons I have learned at that age and hopefully improved the tools to move beyond schoolyard keychains 😉

To sharpen my mental tools, and to continue my leadership training that I started 20 years ago as an army officer, my new daily routine needs to change to this:

0200: sleep 😴
0700: alarm wakes me up ⏰
Saying out loud with a smile "Good Morning"
Watch motivational videos to start my day with             positive thoughts
Turn on coffee maker then make a warm mug of bicarbonate.
0800: prepare for the gym at 0830. Exercise improves my thinking and motivation, as well as writing.
0830 walk to the gym, work on my body goals (basically working on different strength skills) and write something new
1030: walk home and prepare nutritional supplements. I do intermittent fasting in the morning and afternoon, and eat supper early. Nutritional supplements are necessary because they provide nutrients and low calories, which is important while intermittent fasting.
I can provide details of my exact intake if asked.

From here is working on goal setting, and working on each one as priorities come up. Working with a team from a far and having a full time business partner nearby, there's lots of different jobs to complete and studying for spontaneous questions. It's been a while since I worked with people on the same mission, and it feels good.

After midnight is more studying and practicing my skin care regiment. This involves massaging deep cleanser into my skin while mentally reviewing the process, then a foaming cleanser, mild exfoliant then a peel off mask. It takes discipline to do it religiously, but I am promoting anti-aging products for a reason. Mornings are for my body at the gym, days are for working on careers and my after midnight regiment is for me and my future self. I'm taking care of my skin like a good boy should, not for vanity but because it is a part of self-maintenance. Keeping and maintaining a house is important for its inhabitants, and since we live in our own skin, we should maintain it as well.

Taking care of my health is my first responsibility to myself. Finding products that help me achieve this goal is necessary, because careful selection is an important part of healthy decision making.

My job is to help you make healthier decisions when selecting personal care items, the very same that I use myself. If I am recommending their use, I should get paid for them for increasing their business.

Hence the reason why I decided to go gung-ho with the company that supplies my daily consumables and promoting my favourite stuff. Increasing their business becomes MY business, too!

So please forgive me if for the next few weeks I will be talking about Atomy and the career path I have decided to focus for the next 3 years. It's important for me to practice it and share my thoughts as I walk step by step on a path that is designed to get be to the next level in my life.

I rarely ask for help, and rather be the giver than the taker in my social life. But I need to change that, and ask when I need help. It's only natural when you are down, and I realize that refusing to ask for assistance is just plain acting stubborn and being full of pride. Those qualities keep me from transforming out of where I am now.

Next step is to engineer what I want to see in my future. If you are reading this, please answer this question : what are you looking for in your future?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Successful Replacement for Condoms

After discovering research on monolaurin, which is a molecule that has destructive forces against many sexual transmitted diseases and has been researched and tested in many countries, my experiments have changed to a more sexual nature.

People who have been following my stories can probably tell that I was into protecting myself from getting any sexually transmitted diseases is a priority, primarily by using condoms for oral and anal sex. I am HIV negative, and want to prevent that at any cost.

But finding research on Prep, which is a medication that is taken daily (in my case) to prevent any exposure to HIV from causing any infection, has allowed me to review and update my safe sex practices. I need another safeguard to protect me from all the other non-HIV infections as well.

Monolaurin was the key. Looking at the government science articles on its efficiency on killing most STDs, and its use in developing countries to prevent and treat infections, I had to take a closer look into this. I am glad that I did.

I admit to being scared of barebacking (sex without condoms). For my whole life, condoms dominated my philosophy of safe sex. Bareback was the way infections spread. Condoms protected me all my life. With new defenses now in my awareness, it was time to update my protocols for safety.

Now, I rely on what I take internally (Prep and monolaurin) as my protection against STDs. Being followed closely with my doctor, I have started barebacking last year when I started my new protocol. I needed to prove that with a high level of condomless sexual activity, no infection would occur.

Now that it has been almost a year since I started my experiment, and being tested on a very regular basis of every few weeks, I have to report that it was a success.

No sexually transmitted diseases in the testing period, and my confidence in this has skyrocketed to coming public with my findings.

The number of clients that prefer bareback sex is quite high. In a way, offering this has boosted work and pleasure as well. Psychologically, not having to worry about catching anything from anybody is a huge relief. It actually changed my sexual life in a big way, and feel so liberated to be protected.

I recommend those who worry about diseases to do as much research on monolaurin as possible. It's easy and cost effective to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially those who are sexually active.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle out

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ronielle's 40th Birthday Party

February 15 is just around the corner, and I am starting a fabulous new decade in my 40s.
My plan is to have a great celebration with new and old friends, neighbours and acquaintances and clients.

Registration is easy using this link:


This helps me know who to expect to be coming, and to give more details by email or phone.

It's a potluck BYOB type of event, which allows you to be creative and cook your best!

If you want to be a part of one of the most memorable events in my life, you will be ready to have fun meeting new people and join me on February 15 at my place. It's not a sex party, but rather a more wholesome community fun type of event.

Those who take action and follow through will definitely get my attention for subsequent events.
It has been a long time since I have held this kind of party, so if you missed the last one, make it for this one!

Ronielle out

Monday, December 4, 2017

Vacation Talks and Gay Group Travel

Although it has only been a month since I have been toying with the idea of leading a group of gay men for a fun-filled long weekend of enjoying life to the fullest together, I am receiving responses of interest. The excitement is building up slowly in me, but I am remaining calm because this will take time to build a group who travel well together (I have been on many group trips and this is important!) as well as choosing the destination packages.

My first test trip experience will probably be in the winter to a tropical destination, but I have yet to find a date to do it. I don't expect to have any co-travellers by then, because it's going to be an experiment and I don't feel comfortable recommending something that I have not tried myself.

That being said, my first trip will probably be the most intimate because of the shared first experience in the travel club. Because if I really like it and want to do it again, each subsequent group may be larger and larger as time goes by. First thing is first: examine, explore and go for it.

I'm risking that it will be incredibly fun. Therefore I couldn't let the opportunity go. A year goes by fast, and I will know much more in 2018 at this time, with lots of planning ahead of me.

When I envision my future, I see myself traveling and meeting new people and making new friends and connections. My aspirations is that I now have a tool to help me get to that goal, in a unique way that suits my personality. Basically I am trying to create a win-win situation for everyone.
How good is that?

Thanks for reading,

Ronielle out

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Vacations with Ronielle

I am exploring the options of organizing a group of gay friends from around the world to travel together and experience new sights and sounds. My vision is to be able to meet as many of my readers as possible by going on short luxury vacations and posting the trips here in advance, almost like a mini-conference.

We can drink, dine, party and spa together as a group of new friends, tasting new foods, sharing new stories in new places. At the lowest price. This club is private (members only) and I am learning more everyday on how to make use of all the benefits and to try them out.

For those interested in more, let me know. I am likely going to limit it to 4 people for a trip in the next 90 days. This will be a test drive of the new vacation club, and if I like it, it will be the vehicle to do and plan on getting my next vacation group together. This post is just a feeler for interested guys who are serious about it. The whole process will take about a year to organize and figure out what is what, as further testing is required. If the benefits are worth it, this could be the beginning of some new memories and lots of new and real friends!

A few years ago I lead a group of 17 people through the Philippines for 3 weeks, and enjoyed it a lot. I hope to get a group of gay friends together and try things out with my new club membership, if it's worthwhile. I prefer to try things out first before making any recommendations. But sometimes other trailblazers will accompany me, and that is quite awesome that someone would risk this together. Pretty cool 😎

Ronielle Out 😁

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Added Services to Escorting: Gene Therapy

It's been awhile since I've last made a blog post, but I have been very very busy with other projects and I'd like to share something with you that I believe can help a lot of my clients. It's all about gene therapy and how our epigenome is under attack every day by household chemicals, outside pollution, smoke, processed foods and various other carcinogens. Here's the link to escorting: many of my clients have medical conditions, and gene therapy can help restore baseline genetics (unhampered with accumulated carcinogens).

Most of my research these days are about epigenetics (and if you follow me on Facebook, linkedin, and twitter you will see what its all about) but I am still escorting full time in Montreal.

In any case, I feel that it's my personal duty to inform my readers about the ability to restore our cellular genetics and become healthy again using lunasin supplementation. I am setting up experiments to test lunasin peptides using Reliv nutritional supplements because it has a higher quality and stronger concentration of lunasin than other product lines.

Epigeneticals.relivinc.ca where I order now that I can get a 10% discount when I get a distributor membership for $50 Canadian per year. It comes with a personal website that I can order conveniently from and share with friends and family. It's only $50/month for the minimum self-protocol and if no results, a full money back guarantee. If it works, then I will proceed with extending the experiment to eventually a full year. If you do more research on lunasin and decide to get some for yourself or loved ones, please get it from the link above and I will be your personal contact in case you have any issues with it. I have contacts in the company and can get answers/solutions to problems in any event. I can also help you get refunds if it doesn't work out for you, as long as you get it from Epigeneticals.relivinc.ca

After reading the studies, I hope to use gene therapy to reset my vision, which has been declining steadily despite several surgeries in the past. Other goals is to examine the anti aging effects it has on elderly dogs, as my beloved pet is near the end of her story.

My friends' mother has arthritis, and my mom has diabetes. So many people have seen improvement in these conditions that I hope my clients, family and friends can explore the gene therapy angle too. Hopefully my clients also benefit from this knowledge.

I have to try and see if I respond well to lunasin gene therapy. Trying anything at least once, it should detox my genes from accumulated junk and assist with recovering from my workout sessions.

Thank you for your reading!

Ronielle out

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sexual Damage Control: Undoing Traumatic Experiences with Bad Escorts

Unfortunately, the bad part of clients seeing escorts is that at some point they usually will encounter the bad ones who are only interested in grabbing the cash and leaving, with no services rendered. This is robbery, but the victims have no where to complain and report it because of fear for a multitude of reasons.

To bypass this, select an escort that does incalls and travel to them. An escort who has their own place to receive guys are less likely to cheat you blindly, since you know where they live and work.

Also read carefully the words the escort uses in their profiles online. Those who are articulated and well spoken usually have a greater education and thus can give a clue on their economic status (meaning that they are less likely to be struggling for fast money in the short term). Those with many simple errors in grammar can give you a bad feeling, which is not the way you want to start a potential business relationship. This may seem superficial, but if a business person cannot be bothered to correct themselves and present a mature front in communication skills, then you can expect the same (in person) to not pay attention to details. Or to care about what you think of their writing. In any case, those are 2 qualities you are looking for in a good companion (good communication skills and attention to details).

I am writing this this because of some recent clients complaining about the misdeeds of their past escorts. There will always be guys to take advantage of clients, as well as people who take advantage of escorts, but if we take the time to communicate, enough personality shines through to give you a good or bad feeling, based on your gut reaction at the time. If you don't have a good feeling, just don't make the appointment or cancel it in time. Regrets are usually the failure to heed your instincts in time. I routinely screen through potential clients and can tell whether or not someone is wasting my time, like asking me questions that they already have the answers to (through repeated questions over a long span of time or the same questions asked over multiple sites and apps).  Believe me, it is much better to spend time on things that I have a good intuition for than trying to figure out what an anonymous person is all about. It is all about spending the right energy for the right cause at the right time, and avoid wasting energy on drama and endless repeated questions.

Other than these few screening process, which may seem vague to some rationalizing people, it is pretty easy to spot the bad ones out there with false pictures and descriptions. The good ones will have many good quality pictures, the bad ones will use grainy and unclear pictures that look zoomed in or old. That gives a bad vibe right away. Don't hesitate to leave if the escort fails to live up to their own pictures and descriptions: they know what they are doing (which is dishonest and disappointing). But do this before entering and explain the false advertising, then leave quickly. Block their communications to avoid any angry backlash. These escorts definitely know that they deserve what is coming for lying upfront with their ads.

Dishonest escorts are my pet peeve, because they ruin the reputation of those who are interested in earning a living with this career. I may seem harsh with my words, but clients have more power than they think. They are not stupid bags of money wanting to be stolen from; they are real people with human needs and feelings and they are coming to us to be cared for. This vulnerability is not to be taken advantage of by a common thug. It is a show of trust and hope for a good time. In my opinion, being chosen to fulfil an important role in a part of someone's life (even if just for the moment) is a privilege. In a best case scenario, both the client and escort have a great time to reflect upon in days to come, and the escort is proud of a job well done (as well as funds to pay bills and to generally make life easier). This is my own opinion which I feel is right.

Thank you for reading!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Return to Full-Time Escorting

After taking a short break from full-time escorting to focus on my penis product business, divostore.com , I felt like it was time to return to my original occupation of escorting. The main reason is that a virtual business has much less human contact, actually NO human contact whatsoever, and after a while I felt like something was seriously missing in my life. I guess, to be balanced over the long term, I should strive to keep doing the things I love to do, as long as it keeps me sane. One of the things I love is meeting guys on a regular basis to have fun with, which escorting has successfully provided for me. Hence the reason for my decision to open my doors once again.

I have begun advertising on Rentmen.com and my profile can be accessed by this link http://rentmen.com/ronielle . It is free to view escort profiles on this site, so don't worry about having to pay to browse. 

For those who want to see me on Tumblr, which is a very popular photo-based smartphone app and website (also free to use), my address is http://ronielleescort.tumblr.com/ and you should see more of my pics (some you may have seen before and some new ones). Tumblr is so much easier to see a stream of photos on any device you want (tablet, computer, smartphone) than this blog, so we can all add this as a tool for viewing anywhere we want (with an option of saving the pics as well).

 In any case, I hope that my readers feel free to send me a message if you happen to be in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately, I do not travel outside my city very much, so please do not ask me if I ever get to Toronto, NYC, etc. I am a proud owner of 4 Boston Terriers, which usually means that I need to be home to take care of them. 

Here are the best ways to contact me: 

By text message (514-817-1169 and please text the following information: Name or what you want me to call you, that you are interested in escorting services, as well as what you are looking for)

Email ronielle@rentmen.com (send the same info as for text message)

Voice calls are not recommended because I am often in a public place or with friends or family, or in a situation where it is more practical to answer when I get the chance.

Thank you very much for reading my blog and I hope to see you soon!

Ronielle Out

Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Once in a while, at least every year, I have a request to have a birthday dinner with a client who loves exploring different cuisines yet has no food-adventurous friends. As a person who loves a wide range of culinary cultures, it is a pleasure to share my favorite foods with those who wish to broaden their flavor horizons.

While my primary requests is to sexually satisfy my guests, satisfying their other appetites is always fun. I have encountered escorts who don't have sex with their clients and are very proud of the fact that they don't need to be dirty. Their primary requests are for companionship only. I found that I was proud to be taken for my sexual prowess, because I know clients who have different escorts for different needs. I suppose that companionship is great, and is certainly in need for those with low libido, but in terms of being in sync with my own sexuality, I find that having sex is quite satisfying for me as well. Needless to say, the other escort in question is no longer escorting for a while now. Perhaps by staying true to my own philosophy in escorting has stood the test of time to having a very long track record compared to the many who have come and gone.

Although I only take a handful of clients per month now since I started selling my penis products on my Divocup.blogspot.com blog and doing consulting on chemical penis enlargement, it is always a welcome break in my routine.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle out

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Resuming Escorting

Now that I have my new routine worked out with my divocup business, I have found some time in which I can dedicate to escorting everyday. They are between 5p and 7p on most days. My rates remain the same at $200/h.

I know that this is a very narrow time frame to be available, but my life has always revolved around my escorting schedule, which is why I stopped for period of time, but to make my life run smoothly at this point, escorting has to fit in the right places. This applies to (new) clients who are not on my regular schedule.

It is bizarre that I would return to taking clients again, especially since my penis enlargement business is getting busier each week. The truth is that deep down inside, I really enjoy having one-on-one sex with different guys. It is as if I really am suited for this career.

In any case, we shall see how this new schedule works out and hopefully it proves to be the right thing to do, at the right time. We never know until we try, right?

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle Out

Friday, February 8, 2013

Part-Time Escorting in 2013

In the early years of my escorting career, many of my caring clients have asked me what I have planned for my future, because 'obviously' I can't do this forever. While mildly insulting, this comment is true for any profession. Who can truly do anything forever? Literal interpretations aside, the future is here, and my new career as a penis enlargement specialist has over-shadowed escorting in a major way.

But the scope of this blog is escorting and sex work, so I will write about what I have recently watched on the Philippines news channel while I was on vacation for the past 3 weeks. It dramatized the life of female 'prosties' (prostitutes) as being forced to sell their bodies because of their mother's inability to make enough money to send them to school, which leads to teenage pregnancies with their comforting boyfriends, then sex-work to make ends meet. I found it quite sad that the mothers were frequently blamed for the girls' situation. The prostitutes proclaimed they had "no choice", but did they not choose to have unprotected sex and get pregnant? The problem is not sex-work in itself, but the lack of assuming responsibility for one's actions. The girls were not forced or raped, but rather seduced with nice clothes, shoes and make-up. It seems like mom is to blame when they end up in jail from getting caught by undercover cops.

Many gay escorts I have met have escorted part-time just to make some quick cash, for school, rent and/or drugs. It seems to me that sex work is a field where there are many motivating factors, depending on gender, country, age, socioeconomics and sexual preferences. For me, it was empowering, challenging and rewarding; control was the key. Self-employement gives me the control I desire, and escorting allowed me to exploit all my resources available to me to take me to the next level.

On another note, I recently have been contacted by a potential client begging to be fucked bareback. I told him that I only use condoms, then he replied that he is HIV positive for 6 years and that his viral load is undetectable. He added that he was a volunteer to prevent the transmission of HIV in the community. Get a load of that! Undetectable viral load or not, there are plenty of other things you can catch. Sometimes I wish that people can just notice what they say and write to me.

On that note, I have been accepting a few new clients at $200/90 minute sessions, but I rarely have time with escorting, just a few hours per month. I guess that answers the question on what I will do after escorting... just being myself.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle out

Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I want to first say thank you to my many clients I have seen in my wonderful +12 years of bodywork and escorting. I am no longer accepting new clients, and all existing clients are suggested a new rate at $200/h. This is because my penis enlargement business is demanding much more time and energy than ever before, and the incentive must reflect the demands of my time.

It is sad for me to be turning the page on a career that has sustained me both personally and finacially for a good part of my life. Honestly, I admit that it is one of the most important thing I have done in my entire life. Many do not realize how many people are affected by escorting, but I have had the privilage of living it. However, the aging (lol) escort must have an exit strategy to ensure a  bright future, and so far my fate is calling me with greater voice.

Many people have had to change their careers multiple times in their lifetime, and I am no different than the others. From humble beginnings as the 'Fry Captain' at McDonalds, Communications officer in the Canadian Forces, Parrot Specialist in New Hampshire, Masseur and escort in Montreal, now medical researcher and penis specialist, this trip has been exciting already.

But for now, the transition from escorting to consultant is finishing soon, and with great joy. This moment was in the works for several years now, and its completion is something to be savored. My dream as a little boy was to be an inventor and scientist, yet formal education was too limiting and expensive for me. Yet I never stoppeed dreaming, and I never let anything get in my way. Now I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do, and it is now time for new dreams to take flight.

I have maintained casual contact with many of my former clients, and I hope that the evolution continues into friendships. Instead of a burning bridge, this can be seen as a transmutation. In a conventional relationship, sex is one of the first aspects to fade, but in this case, we can enjoy friendship that can last much longer than sex. It is not for everyone, but that is ok too. After, we all have our lives to live.

I intend to write a few more posts in the future, as inspiration comes and the time is right. Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts and feelings!

Big kisses and hugs to all my readers! I appreciate everything you have given to me: a great audience to my personal thoughts and memoirs of the oldest profession in history.

With love,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bent Penises (Peyronies Disease) and Alzheimer's Common Link

Sometimes, after knowing an older client for many years, I notice a physical change in their penis. I joke about my ability to remember penises better than faces or voices (penile memory?), but I also can detect changes as well. The most common penis changes as men age is shrinkage, the other is diminished erectile strength, and the least common but still seen is a marked curvature of the shaft. This bend in the penis is commonly called Peyronie's disease, and it is based on accumulation of fibrin in plaques on the side of the penis. This same fibrin (a normal element found in blood) also crosses the blood-brain barrier as people age (due mainly to the degradation of the barrier). Fibrin that gets in the brain causes the formation of beta amyloid, a protein that accumulates and chokes out existing brain cells, and eventually leads to neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

My research into Peyronie's disease and its treatment is useful in penis enlargement, as they share a common goal: reshaping the shaft of the penis. Nattokinase is an enzyme that is known to dissolve fibrin over time, and an internet search for nattokinase finds applications for the treatment of Alzheimer's by dissolving fibrin in the brain. This is when a bell rang in my head: if Peyronie's and Alzheimer's are both treated with fibrin-dissolving enzymes, can a bending penis after middle age indicate fibrin accumulations in the brain as well? More importantly, can treating a bent penis with fibrin-destroyinhg enzymes be much more beneficial than just a straight dick?

Of course, this blog is supposed to focus on escorting, but when I have many clients who are aging before my eyes, it is in everyone's best interest to ensure everyone is as healthy as they can. Even if a client does nothing with the information I provide, the information is valuable to family and friends, as well as for myself as I get older. Since everything is connected someway, it is worth the hours of research and study.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Ronielle Out

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review by Victor Hoff


The above link is a post by Victor Hoff, posted today. Please take a look if you haven't already!



Friday, April 20, 2012

Hornyness, Libido and Men's Health

In a normal, healthy man, with proper hormone levels, sexual desire is like the immune system: something always working in the background of our daily lives because of testosterone. I don't mean that we constantly have spontaneous erections like when we were teenagers, I mean that sexual thoughts, fantasies, and the like float through our heads as an internal indicator that testosterone levels are fine. Of course, this does not mean you have to be obsessed with sex to have normal testosterone. But long periods with no libido, especially when depression, lack of energy, tiredness and weight gain or weight loss, can indicate lowered testosterone levels.

These symptoms are part of andropause, when factors in the body contribute to the reduction of androgens that stimulate androgen receptors. It usually starts during middle-age, and affects men in different ways. This is where andopause men divide: those who wish to restore their testosterone levels back to healthy levels, and those who do not wish any intervention. Some guys prefer to age gracefully and let nature take its course, including the eventual deterioration of their bodily functions. Lack of desire to ameliorate their condition can also indicate that andropause has progressed too far, as feelings of hopelessness and lethargy have sunk in for too long. This can be amplified by loneliness.

As an escort, many clients are in this phase of health decline. Because information is not readily available, and definitely not taught in schools, guys are not educated on their transition from middle-age to seniors. As I speak about this with my clients, they are actually wondering why they are not hearing this information from their doctors. Unfortunately, many doctors are not up-to-date with current research and protocols, as well as being elderly and out-of-shape themselves.

The maintenance of a healthy libido affects directly the livelihood of sex-workers, in both personal and professional areas. A high sex-drive is necessary for escorts, and for clients as well. Losing clients every year because of andropause is something that can be prevented by educating the affected men of alternative treatments available. While this post is more about the awareness of andropause, perhaps the treatments and research should be a topic of a future post.

Thank you for reading, and keep in touch!

Ronielle Out


Friday, March 16, 2012

Erection Drugs And Escorting

I will the first to admit that the hardest thing for me as an escort is maintaining a trouble-free erection for a long time, which is expected as a sex worker. But on the other side, I believe that it is also a cause for worry for some clients as well, especially guys with medical problems, andropause or just plain anxiety. In any case, the use of erectile dysfunction (ED for short) drugs is not a sign of weakness, but instead is a way of empowerment for guys to ensure that they have a good time sexually, which is a much better feeling than beating yourself up for not getting hard. Not only does ED drugs like Cialis and Viagra and/or injections break up the cycle of impotency (where one failure to get hard leads to a series of failures because of worrying about it, until sex with a partner is given up completely), it actually improves self-confidence with a series of sexual accomplishments.

Of course, the old school mentality is that a man must be strong and have erections on demand, but every man knows that that is simply not true in reality. Now, guys at any age can have a fulfilling sexual life for their entire lives if they choose to. But sadly, patients are still rather uncomfortable asking for a prescription from their doctors.

To overcome this problem, many internet sites are selling ED drugs as research chemicals, with no prescription needed. So for those willing to try (and I can say from experience that of all the ED research chemicals I have bought from these sites were effective), then this is another route to go to bypass the doctor. If you have health issues or already taking medication, consult a pharmacist to make sure that what you are planning on taking is not counter-indicated with your current medical history. Disclaimer: You are responsible for your own risks, which are present with prescription drugs and research chemicals. I do not claim responsibility on the actions of others. I can only speak of my own experiences and for those who wish to follow, do so on there own volition.

That said, using erectile drugs is also popular for those who have no erectile difficulty at all, because the extra blood flow to the penis usually results in the maximization of erection size. Guys have a minimum erection size and a maximum, often times with a great deal of variations in-between. Erections on ED meds also last longer after orgasm, and can also intensify orgasmic potential. Personal experimentation shows how well you react to a certain dose of a certain chemical, and can help maximize sexual satisfaction with a partner.

Of course, not everyone should take ED medication, even if they could. I recommend it for guys who like to penetrate, and like receiving oral. Basically for 'Erection Critical Missions'. I hope you know what I mean!

Thanks for being patient with my posts, I appreciate all the messages of encouragement during my silence on this blog.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Goals for 2012

Back from the dead, I suppose!

I actually have written a few posts since my last published one in mid-December, but have decided that the tone and topic were not appropriate and could somewhat negatively affect the status quo. But the reality is, I am consumed in my work and research in penis enlargement for my other blogs on chempe.com and divocup.com.

My escorting workload is less than half of last years frequency, partly because I have increased my rates to new clients to $180/h. I intend to maintain my regular clients at their current rates, because without them I would never have been able to succeed in my new career. Sentimental, yes. Maybe. But mostly because my time working on my projects is very important to me and increasing rates is a sure way to make more time available for it. Even without an active advertising in the local magazine, I am still getting calls for escorting. Answering the phone is my least favorite aspect of the job, as there are many wackos out there basically wasting my time trying to get free phone sex. There is only so much diplomacy I can dish out, but the truth is I don't have time for playing games. That's why I prefer my regulars.

After a month of so of not escorting, I actually started to miss it. Some of my friends who are former escorts usually say that they don't miss it except for the money (maybe because they currently make less than when they escorted), but for me I missed my clients and their stories. It's like dating, or more like seeing friends with benefits. Every relationship seems so simple and clear cut; pure and self-contained. With no emotional ties, obligations and long-term expectations, fun and pleasure is the cream that surfaces. (It would be just too easy to make a cream joke right about now...)

2012's goals is to put my different businesses more in balance with my personal needs and wants. Creating new penis devices and conducting biomedical experiments are cerebrally stimulating, while escorting fulfills the purpose of such pursuits: lots of good sex. We're in March now, and slowly but surely an equilibrium is manifesting: a very good sign.

Anyways, sorry to my regular readers that you had to wait so long for this post. Perhaps I will go back to regular writing; what would you, the reader, like to see me write?

Let me know...

Ronielle Out

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Confirmation For New Appointments Required

I get a lot of appointments where the guy doesn't show up. This is normal, and most common with those I haven't seen before. Because of this, all new clients will be reminded to confirm the appointment by phone 1 hour in advance. If I don't get this confirmation call, I make new plans. Life is too short to be waiting for someone who doesn't plan on showing up.

What do I do if they do show up, without confirming? I let them know that I was waiting for their call, but no confirmation means no appointment. I reschedule if I can on the spot. But this rarely happens.

Today I was waiting for a confirmation call at 5pm for a 6pm appointment, but no call came through so I went to the gym instead. It feels good to know that I didn't waste my time waiting for a no show!

Now the problem is guys will make an appointment, but not feel that it is set so they can easily back out without letting me know their intentions. With call tracing/blocking technology, email and voice recognition, these guys will not be given a second chance to make an appointment. This may seem harsh, but in my experience, if they don't show once, they don't show up the second time either. Also from experience, a no-show also is not the ideal client (if he actually arrives). It is best to focus on the good clients that arrive on time, everytime than the fish that got away. Im sure someone out there gets a thrill of making appointments with escorts, and never going to see them. Sad, but cheap thrills are still thrills. I actually find that blocking these people is a big thrill for me too! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Since it is all a big game, why not have fun?

As the calendar year ends, I pause to think about the years of escorting behind me. In that time I have sucessfully weeded out the guys who demand unprotected sex, while holding on to the clients that I like the most who are not too demanding and generous. Tipping is still a great way to show appreciation, and I like to know I do a good job.

I want to thank all my guys who have been showing their appreciation to me, and I hope you all enjoy the holidays.

But I intend to squeeze in another post sometime before the end of the year.

Thanks, and keep in touch!

Ronielle Out

Friday, December 2, 2011

Becoming An Escort, Part 3

Assuming you have your photos and texts ready, now you need to come up with an advertising strategy.

What kind of money will you be starting with? This matters a lot because you need money for a cell phone, and for advertising. Print advertising is usually the most expensive, especially if a photo is going to be used. Many potential clients use local escort ads in print, and will most probably get you clients faster than with internet ads. This is based on my experience, but the world is changing fast so perhaps now internet is faster than print. Please note that there is a lot less people on the internet than you think (we who practically live on the net think everyone else is too!) Most potential local clients are part of a group of men who frequent regularly sex workers, and they usually do not like to leave any electronic trail on their computer, or just basically not technological.

That said, select a picture for your ad. Include your face if you can, because cut-off heads are not attractive. I understand the need for discretion, but that is a decision you need to make for yourself.

Select a name for yourself. I recommend using your own name, because if and when you decide to tell a long term client your real name (somewhere down the line), it has a negative effect on the working relationship. That is also your choice. Being yourself with clients has a lot of advantages over the long run, such as freely sharing personal stories and increasing intimacy without worrying that you will blow your cover. Clients can sense deception, since they are often deceived by escorts lying about price, physical description, you name it. A lying escort doesn't keep clients for long, and usually has a hard time keeping his lies straight.

Look at as many escort ads in different local publications as possible. The ones which has a lot of male escort ads should be considered first. I know that there will be a lot of competition should you place an ad along side the other escorts, but consider the situation from a client's perspective. A client will have most likely studied the current list of ads and has been watching the same section in the publication for a long time, years even. He knows all the ads already, and only looks for changes now. Your new ad will catch his attention, and you need to change the ad often to continue to catch his attention. Catch his eye with a good picture, and engage his mind with well written text. Be different. A string of physical statistics really is boring, because it doesn't describe anything important.


Getting an ad together takes time, and will probably get easier with time. The longer you spend studying and creating a good ad, the better you get at targeting the right group of men you would consider to be your ideal clients.

More on this in the next post.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Becoming An Escort Part 2

Continuing from the last post, and assuming you are both sexually open to a large variety of people AND physically attractive to most people, you are ready for the next important step to becoming an escort: finding clients.

Working for an agency is an option for those who want to give a part of their earnings in exchange for getting clients. This is much easier than being independant, which involves creating advertising and answering messages directly from potential customers. Another advantage with agencies is that the escort can have more discretion in terms of identity, because only the agency is advertising for their behalf, unlike an independant escort who advertises himself with his chosen name and hopefully their own pictures and contact information. But since I have never worked for an agency because I did not feel the need for secrecy, I will concentrate on becoming an independant escort.

Being independant in terms of escorting entails a lot of work in many different areas, from public relations in answering phones and electronic messages, to photography (for advertising) and graphic design (creating new ads and meeting submission deadlines), and the usual diet and fitness to ensure career longevity (as clients prefer to return to healthy looking escorts).

Selecting the right forms of advertising (in print and internet profiles) is also a challenge, since too much advertising can cost more than what you are making, especially in print form. This workload forces the development of successful business skills, which can be used in other jobs if and when you decide to pursue other forms of employement.

First step is to prepare media displaying your body and talents, in the form of pictures and text. You can set your camera on automatic, or get help from a friend. Good pictures are essential, so take a large amount and take pictures often. If you don't like getting your pictures taken, get over it. Escorts without pictures don't get the volume of clients needed to stay afloat (assuming that this will be your primary income). If you don't have pictures (or good pictures), potential clients will wonder why. They may ask themselves that there is possible a valid reason for the lack of photo, and they may be right. If you are good looking, use it as a selling point.

Write text about what you can do sexually, and other things about you that is interesting. Make yourself as 'human' as possible, not a generic escort listing, unless you are making a text-only ad. The more effort you put into writing a good piece about yourself, the more sophisticated you appear to potential clients. Avoid avoiding capital letters and punctuation, and fix spelling mistakes when you find them. This may seem basic, but once in a while one stumbles upon an ad that makes the escort appear really dumb and uneducated. Your future clients are most likely highly educated and smart, so communicate in language they will understand and appreciate.

Once you have photos and texts highlighting yourself, you are ready to create ads and online profiles to promote yourself.

To be continued!

Ronielle Out

Friday, November 11, 2011

Becoming An Escort

Many guys have asked me about being an escort, and many guys have shared with me their escorting experiences. But this post will be gear to those who want to know how to become an escort, tips that shaped my own career and my life so far.

Being comfortable with sex with strangers is a no-brainer. My test is that you should take public transport, and ask yourself who you would be able to have sex with from the selection around you.

If you find yourself being too selective, sex work is probably not for you. In the beginning, a new escort should take as many different clients as possible to gain experience. The biggest mistake a new escort can do is to eliminate his clientele to a very small niche to start with. This means taking only good-looking clients, for example. Good escorts can always find a positive quality in their clients and focus on that. A bad escort will not only look for faults in his clients, but will also fail to hide his micro-expressions of disgust that an average client can pick up. Looking and focusing on positive and attractive traits allows a better interpersonal atmosphere, since your client is probably doing the same thing to you.

Physical appearance is also a major issue. Although there is a client for almost every type of body type, looking healthy and fit is the most common by far. Natural escorts are those whose personalities are naturally suited for sex work, and that usually includes guys who are concerned about their appearances (both naked and clothed). Being sexually attractive makes natural escorts feel alive, and the effort of exercising and dieting is more than worth it since it pays off.

To recap, having a promiscuous personality (being able to have sex with almost anyone) and being physically attractive are the main points in sex work. It may seem very obvious, but the funny thing is that it doesn't seem obvious to the guys who ask me about being an escort. Go figure :)

Hopefully, this is the first post in a series on "How to be a male escort". Of course, this is purely from my perspective, and perhaps my fellow escorts and client may not agree with me on some subjects. However, this is meant more for entertainment than for actual lessons, so please keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle Out

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Public Encounters In Montreal

There are times when I see a client as I walk down the street in my neighborhood (the gay village). I make eye contact, but I don't usually stop and say hi unless I am alone and my client makes the first move. This is because I prefer to be discreet for my client's sake. Since I have been advertising my face in the local gay magazine for a decade as an escort, many locals know who I am and what I do. Therefore if I am seen with someone, observers may conclude that it is with a past or potential client. Some guys don't care what people think, but I am sensitive to those who do mind.

I bring this up because my client today saw me on the street during the summer but didn't say hi, and was hoping that I would not be upset. I explained that I am discreet, and that it doesn't bother me at all. But I was glad that he mentioned it, because it inspired this blog post :)

But some guys have confronted me on the street, asking why I don't return their messages. I told him that I am reducing my clientele to the ones I believe I have the best rapport with such as long term clients and of course, those who are generous. Complicated guys who are overly demanding and/or condescending are off my list. I never filter out my clients by appearance, mostly by attitude and mutual appreciation. Life is too short, why spend time with someone you don't want to be with?

All in all, keeping my loyal clients is more important to me than getting high volume of clients, such as when I just started my career as an escort. Somehow this feels right to me at this time.

Thank you once again for reading!

Ronielle out

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday With 7 Year Regular Client and Escort Evolution

When establishing a long term, meaningful relationship with a client, it is often requested to do something special for their birthday. In this case, since my client likes to discover new culinary tastes and I happen to know a bit of Filipino cuisine, I cooked for him. We had our escorting session, then went downstairs to my lower level to have a home cooked meal. (I cooked Kari Kari, which is a garlic peanut beef stew with green beans and cabbage, served on white rice)

I have to admit that I do not cook for my guys very often, but I do enjoy it because I enjoy different types of flavors and am always experimenting with food. (People who know me or read my other blogs are aware of my experimentation tendencies!) But what is special is that over the years, my client and I have a lot of history and shared experiences, and what started out as discovering new restaurants for special occasions has evolved to him discovering my Filipino culture's famous dishes. It is only natural to showcase other skills that the average client will never see, making the relationship special in its own unique way.

As the evolution of my escorting career, I find that concentrating on the established, long-term clients is really the most enjoyable aspect, in contrast to the quick sexual episodes that many new clients expect. Of course, it takes time for new clients and I to get to know each other that well, but regular clients from my early escorting days are the ones who helped me the most to become the escort that I am today, and undeniably for the lifestyle I currently enjoy. There is little wonder that I feel loyal to them as well.

As my business shifts from sex work to penis enlargement research and development, I filter my clientele, with preference to long term regular clients, then to those new clients who know exactly what they want and are very clear to communicate it to me.

I take these guys only if I think that I can do a good job, and honestly inform them if I think they have called the wrong escort. My sexual strong points are topping and bottoming (I love giving and receiving anal penetration) and is usually the only time I will ejaculate with a client (shooting inside the condom while fucking). My sexual faults are not being able to cum while getting sucked (except for those who can deep throat my 9x7 without teeth scraping my penis), and cumming on faces (facials are not my favorite, even when watching porn). So this makes my niche market mostly guys who are into anal penetration and likes huge penises, which in reality is a small subset of the male-to-male sexual demographic. Unfortunately, the ratio of guys into penetrative sex to oral/manual/frottage is severely unbalanced: my theory is that millions of tops and bottoms have died because of the AIDS epidemic, while the oral/manual/frottage community have survived relatively untouched in numbers.

In any case, the truth about penetrative sex is that it is risky, and therefore more precautions are necessary. But the end result of focussing on the anal target demographic (in terms of my escorting business) is that it further reduces my workload to allow me to do the sexual acts that I am enjoy doing and to have more time to focus on my new primary business of penis enlargement research. My ideal job is researching and discovering, and escorting has been my way of fulfilling my dream.

But one thing is clear: I fully intend to continue escorting my regular clients, regardless of their acts of choice. To completely stop would be like saying good-bye to all my friends, which is something that I don't have (or want) to do. When all my regular clients are gone, however, it may be an indication that I should publish my memoires that I have accumulated after all these many years. I am writing them anyways, at least it could be entertaining for years to come.

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle Out

Friday, September 23, 2011

Simple is Best

Sometimes a client wants to be completely thrilled with very high expectations and a complete agenda of what to do during a session. While it is natural to plan ahead, the truth is (in my experience), keeping it simple is often the most enjoyable way to go. Here is an example:

A guy come in urging me to do something wild and creative. After putting on leather outfits, strap-on dildos, double fucking, and switching it all around, he still wasn't pleased and time ran out, which disappointed him further. I lose my tip despite having to run around trying my best and it is still not enough. He leaves with an attitude, and calls me again the following week for an appointment. I refuse, because this is not a client I am looking for. I get a feeling that it will get more and more complicated, and I have to work harder each time. Because this is my profession, I will always take the path of least resistance: take on the simple, more enjoyable clients and refuse the complicated, unsatisfied ones. If they were unhappy, why do they bother calling me again? Its mindboggling.

A simple session, in my eyes, consist of making human contact in a loving, caring way (sex too, of course!). While I have done the spanking, whipping and domination during sessions for years, there is a certain energy that feels twisted and unsettling that lasts, and at this point it is something I am unwilling to do when I compare clients. By this I mean I will take simple clients over complicated clients anyday, mostly because we usually have a much better time just having fun than following a script. There are escorts out there who specialize in that kind of thing, but I prefer romance.

An hour goes by pretty fast, so the more time we have enjoying each other's company means more time in a positive, nurturing headspace. The session is less rushed and more relaxing, and ultimately healthier for us both. It may seem boring to some people, but it less intimidating and more accessable to everyone in general.

Domination is a very common request, and something I am less willing to do these days. Probably because I'm diplomatic and respectful in nature, and enjoy pleasure more than pain. Laziness is also a big factor, and being dominant takes a huge effort on my part. Also the fact that I was unwillingly raped by a past boyfriend in my teenage years gives me a perspective that gives me a pause for reflection. Although many rape victims use BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism) as a healing technique, it doesn't change the fact that it a lot of mental work for both, leaving us spiritually exhausted.

To conclude, and I may have mentioned this in past blog posts, the K.I.S.S. rule: Keep It Simple, Sweety! The more complicated it gets, the less satisfaction you get, and it gets worse over time. Difficult clients are the first to get dropped when business is good; believe me.

Trying to simplify my world as much as possible,


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Friday, September 9, 2011

Honored in Book by Special Client

I had a 3 hour session with a client that I have known for many, many years. One of the rewards of escorting with my real name and identity (which is not the norm for the sex industry) is that the level of trust and openess is much higher right from the start. Building on these, a relationship, even between an escort and client, becomes surprisingly fullfilling for both, especially on the long term. Many personal stories are remembered and built upon over the years, and the session goes by very fast, as if there wasn't enough time to do everything.

The sweet and dear man in question has taken photos of me over the years, and has also collect photos and blog posts from ronielle.ca. He then assembled his collection into 2 books, and showed them to me. I was pretty amazed for a couple of reasons: that someone (other than my myself or mother) has put together a brag book about me, and that I remembered the times I posed for the pictures in the book. The amount of hours of work it took him to do this project, and the resources to materialize it must have been a lot, and I am very greatful for it. In one glance I realize that I must have meant a lot to him.

He was worried that I may be not escorting as my penis enlargement business increases, but I assured him that I only intended to stop advertising as an escort. My regular clients and new ones are still welcome, as my work is still very flexible to do both. That is the primary purpose of being self-employed, being responsible for my own business. I concentrate more on my penis enlargement business because I can reach guys worldwide, instead of those currently in Montreal, Canada.

Escorting for a living is fun, and having a parallel business to fall back on gives me a strong sense of security. In both cases, my obsessions of gay sex and penises are fulfilled. No bosses or co-workers? Priceless. I love working in a good team, but I like independance more.

Thanks for reading!


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evolution of an Escorting Career

Once upon a time a young man studying structural engineering at university and working as a radio communications officer in the military decided to pursue another career path: massage therapy.

Practicing massage since before high school graduation, the fact that there was no boss but myself was highly appealing, and I choose the work conditions. Massaging took a break while working/living on a bird farm, learning incubation, raising baby parrots, and teaching them to talk for their new owners. A year and a half of birds lead me back to massage therapy again.

Finding massage clients was not very difficult in Montreal, but finding the best advertisers took time. Not long after I started massaging, sexual propositions started happening, and thus an escort was born.

Finding out that escorting was not just about ejaculation, the nuances of escorting became slowly apparent. Becoming more involved in learning more about the wonders of individuality, clients became more like real people and less like wallets filled with cash (which is a trap many short term escorts fall for). Escorting became very enjoyable when the right outlook and philosophy is developed, and is the main reason I remain in this industry after more than a decade.

Aging is a concern for many people who rely on their appearance. Penis size is also a concern for those who rely on it for work. A long standing obsession for looking for the 'big one' became an obsession for finding the secrets of making 'a big one'. My scientific background was suddenly brought back to life, and my thirst for research made me realize that knowledge of the unknown is my trip. And this research and experimentation has evolved my career to the present: a penis enlargement researcher and consultant.

As the media is reporting that the economy is slowing down, its effects on escorting is pretty discouraging: less clients and sessions. Anticipating this decline, my consultation business has grown in the past year and is now in year 2. The demographic for consultations is much broader since men from all around the world are my targets, not just the men in Montreal. More people are interested in penis enlargement than with having a session with an escort. Last but not least, penis enlargement is an amazing science with even more potential for discovery than escorting. It is the only passion that rivals my passion for escorting, perhaps because I love thinking that I can personally help men from all over on increasing their manhood. Being envied for having a large penis is one thing; helping others along the same path is a lifelong dream.

Escorting will be a large part of my life, but it doesn't/hasn't confined my personality. Many clients are concerned about my future: but that is before they truly understand who I really am. There is more to me than bleach blond hair  (^_^)

Escorts and masseurs have confided to me that business is slowing down. I see this as an opportunity to be creative. Penis tailor, anyone?

Keep in touch, and thanks for reading!

Ronielle out


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Friday, August 12, 2011

Increased Harassment Rate By Text Messaging

With a job like mine, weirdos feel free to contact me without any true intensions of hiring me. Text messaging is becoming the most popular way of initiating contact, being a mix of phone and email communications. Growing numbers of text messaging users unfortunately mean that being harrased by text is growing, too.

A guy texts me about setting up an encounter, but when the conversation begins to feel like sexting (which is the text equivalent to phone sex), I politely ask for a time and date they would like a session, and inform him of my hourly rate. When he claims to not having any money, I write back with, "my services are for serious clients only", and soon after I am flooded with a string of derogatory comments like whore, slut, and other non-creative insults (visualize my eyes rolling back at the display of stupidity). Having this happen once in a while is expected: having it happen almost everyday from different phone numbers is border-line conspiracy! OMG, WTF? Lol

The way I deal with it is to use it as a conversation piece, a subject for psychological analysis, and a topic for a blog post. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?

When I am confronted with such maliciousness, I react with compassion and appreciation. I feel compassion because I pity the fool who displays how lonely, bored and (probably) poor he is to indulge in such juvenile cheap thrills, and appreciation to have a large pool of clients who are high quality people. To react negatively to such onslaught is to admit weakness in my integrity: this person's negativity is his own, not mine.

The contrast becomes clearer in the presence of open hostility: the smell of assholes and roses becomes easier to identify. I don't believe that I invite negative people to contact me, but perhaps life sends them my way to strengthen my sense of humor and to thicken my skin. Being an escort and now a penis enlargement consultant generates flash judgments and assumptions by strangers, but I rather have people think about me than to be completely ignored.

Let me just send this one message right now into the world: karma will get you back one way or another. So make sure that before you fight fire with fire, you step back to avoid the blow before you waste your precious energy on a nobody. It's easier than you think.

Literally loving the world,


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Monstercock Woes: Escort Brings Relief

On extremely rare occasions, a client has a difficult time finding suitable sexual partners because his penis is so massive. Being a repeat client, he confides to me that I was the only one who he has been able to take him without complaints or show signs of pain, which is a turn off for him.

Getting fucked by something huge requires quite a bit of skill, from relaxing the ass, pelvic positioning, Lamaze breathing, and finally, complete surrendering to the feeling of getting ass-raped to completion. Facial expressions can tell a lot to a top, and enjoying deep, deep fucking requires a capacity to transmute pain into ecstasy. While I remember the last time he dug deep inside me, I told him that he was teaching me a lesson that I will never forget.

Being on the receiving end of a big dick reminded me of when I fucked guys who could take mine: there was a certain point when all my resistance melted away and I gave my all. Being totally dominated gave me a release; it was as if I was an electronic device and my reset button has being pressed. He must have felt the shift too: it was the moment the machine started and he whomped my ass to the finish line.

But I completely understand the feeling of fucking someone the way you want. Instead of worrying if you are hurting the other, you focus on the pleasure of unrestricted penetration (with condoms, of course). Its a pity that a guy who has a large dick is envied, yet at the same time is restricted from performing to his full potential by most of his sexual partners. But finding sexual compatibility is quite difficult for most people, each having their own considerations.   

To finish, bottoming is an art: pain to pleasure, complete surrender of body and mind, and resonating the pleasure from your top. It is nice to feel my limits pushed once in a while!

Ronielle out!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sexual Compatibility in Existing Relationships

This is not the first time that I write about sexual compatibility, but its importance in existing relationships seem to increase over time. There are many types of sexual compatibilities: sexual appetite and sexual acts being the ones I will address in this post.

If you and your partner enjoy having frequent sex (these type of guys will usually masturbate nightly if not actually having sex), then you are compatible in terms of sexual frequency. When one partner declines sex as a habit, then problems manifest physically in several ways: irritability and weight gain. Sex is well known to be an effective stress reliever, as well as good exercise. In many married couples, the sex-controlling spouse often discourages the other from masturbating, or the other way around; encourages the other to masterbate to relieve tension. Either way, when trapped in a relationship, the perks of having a partner (someone to have sex with for "free") are non-existant. A multitude of excuses to not have sex are often heard, but never truly believed. What is the most hurtful is finding out the person you truly love is no longer sexually interested in you. Food replaces physical love and motivation to keep in shape is diminished. Bodyfat accumulation begins and steadily reinforces your loved one to not love you. How many people in relationships are truly miserable? Don't answer out loud, as your trained response is probably not the truth.

Sexual role compatibility for couples is also a touchy issue. Since bottoms and tops are a good fit in theory, some tops ejaculate too fast, to the disappointment of the bottom, or vice versa: the top doesn't come fast enough. Either way, sex requires communication and education in long term relationships. Some want oral, some want anal, some just want frottage; it would be nice to have someone who can handle the sexual aspect of a relationship to reduce sexual pressure in an imcompatible pairing.

Imagine a world where escorting is a viable way of addressing these issues. Unfortunately, sex is used as a bargaining chip ultimately used to control the actions of another, with greater control when the couple are monogamous.

But such power and control are diffused when people have choices. A man does not need permission to have an orgasm. No one should be trapped in a relationship. Fear is the main obstacle for making choices, but once fear is overcome, the weight that is lifted is the greatest feeling in the world.

My heart goes out to all who are trapped and miserable. You give your master the control, and only you can take it back. Don't be scared to live your life, but be afraid of spending the rest of it as he'll on earth.

As an escort, many confide to me about their personal lives, and I am happy to be the one they reach out to to have fun. But my guys leave, and I am left wondering if they will be ok. I certainly hope so.

Ok, enough seriousness. Relationships can be great, don't get me wrong. But for many, the sex could be better.

Take care,

Ronielle out  

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Safe Sex Negotiations Continue

A client calls and is asking for an erotic massage with someone who is 'openminded'. After talking for a while, 'openminded' for him means unprotected oral sex with in-mouth ejaculation. I explained my policy with condoms and oral sex, which he disliked. He wanted me to make an exception for him because it was his birthday, and that he says that he is clean. Somewhere in the conversation he states that he feels he could trust me because of my strict policy, so I should feel free to make an exception.

When a client wants unprotected sex, there really is a limited number of strategies from a negociation point of view, but none of them hold water.

How can you trust someone who makes exceptions with total strangers?

I guess it is possible if the escort in question is desperate for money to risk his health. The client could also be testing the escort, to see if his resolve for safe sex is solid. No matter how you put it, there is only one good answer: Safe, or no deal.

Birthday or special occasion? And you want to celebrate it by potentially catching a sexually transmitted disease with a high risk partner? (someone with multiple sexual partners are always high risk)

"Don't worry, I'm clean and safe with everyone else". So why do they want to have unprotected sex with me? They respect me less than everyone else? And what makes me believe that they are clean? I know many guys who lie about their health status, even to doctors. At some point these guys start believing their own lies, without any regard to the lives they will affect.

"I wouldn't let anything happen to you". In that case, let's be safe to make sure nothing bad happens.

"The feeling isn't as good. I want to feel closer to you". Once you stop concentrating on the condom, you can have a great sensation. It is an ability anyone can have, you just need the necessary mental skills to concentrate on pleasure, not the lack of pleasure.

"I only have unprotected sex with my wife. So if we are both clean, then it is safe." Wrong. If you can cheat on your significant other, then you are capable on cheating on your escort. Use protection if you really want to protect your loved ones from catching something.

I'm sorry if this is a downer for Bareback enthusiasts. I understand the excitement and fantasy involved, but when the orgasm fades, reality sinks in. If I think that it is a bad idea to have unsafe sex with strangers, then I simply will not do it. I recommend that the client seek someone else who can do it for him.

The client in question made the appointment anyways, and texted me that he was 15 minutes early and if that was ok. I wrote back that I will be ready for the exact time of our appointment as I still had to shower and shave. 5 minutes before the appointment he cancelled, texting he was tired of waiting.

Wow, all that negociating and declaration of trust etc. And he couldn't even arrive at the scheduled time. Sometimes I can't win, but at least I didn't waste my time. It turned out to be a good blog post in the end.

Take care, and remember: fantasy has consequences in reality.

Keep in touch!

Ronielle out

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bottom's Heaven

There are times when a bottom is looking for a good top to enjoy his welcoming hole, and there are times I meet a bottom who is not afraid of taking my dick all the way. And sometimes I meet a client who needs more than my penis can give him, in which case I reach for my trusty strap-on dildo set and introduce him to my toys. Everyone is different, and therefore everyone enjoys different things. But this post will focus on bottoms who, above anything else, love getting pleasure with me inside.

Usually bottoms tell me right away that they are looking for a top to fuck them long and hard. I appreciate directness when a new client calls because I don't have to read minds as much, which is makes things much easier. When a client is vague, as in saying "I'm looking for a good time" when asked what kind of meeting are they looking for, it tells me either the person is too shy to be direct when communicating (which is quite common in many social settings, out of politeness), or that they don't really know what they want yet until they see me. But the words along the lines of "make love to my ass" and "don't stop fucking until you're done" make me smile. Based on my experience, bottoms count for less than 15% of my clientele over the years, which means, as much as I love fucking, I don't get to do it often as I would like. When my mission profile is to be a fucking machine, I really look forward to getting my workout: this is what I was meant to do. After all, we all want what we don't get enough of, right?

Humor aside, I enjoy penetration when I can, and I also appreciate the pain and pleasure that must be endured to be able to take me all the way, the way I want to. An evolution of an anal penetration-only session is tenderness and caring after sex.  Real example: my visitor may want a "wham-bang, thank you ma'am" type of session at the beginning of our relationship, but later asks for a true boyfriend experience for future sessions. So in my mind, I become the sex-starved boyfriend who love-rapes his partner on sight, and then kiss, cuddle and caress with light pillow talk before our shower time. But many guys feel uncomfortable after orgasm and ejaculation, and prefer to leave as soon as it is polite to do so. When a client tells me how he likes to end a session, it makes things much easier for me too.

Escorts like me have a lot of guesswork to do to understand what a client is looking for. Communication goes a long way to keep the pleasure going in the right direction, but instinct from my experience certainly helps fill the gaps with less experienced shy types of guys. But that is a different type of fun, best reserved for a later post.

Keep in touch!


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Loving An Escort

As an escort, the only way for career longevity is to establish long lasting emotional connections with as many clients as possible. While it is true that love is a very confusing emotion, creating sadness from love is often a balancing factor in life. The potential happiness from falling in love is great; the key is to allow the happiness to infiltrate all other aspects and people in your life. The fastest way to lose the happy feelings is to wonder if it will last forever, or contemplating if it is real, or doubting yourself if you are good enough to be loved by this type of person.

Unfortunately, we cannot always rationalize with our hearts. When I see love im my clients' eyes, I feel so good because being loved is amazing. When that look turns to sadness, it breaks my heart as I usually know why the reason: reality checks in. The reality of the situation is that the same convenience of setting up a date with no emotional strings attached is also the problem, but who knows about that going in?

But with all candor, progressing a relationship has many risks too. Many guys know that, and are happy without the emotional ties a real life (as in non-escort) partner. Of course, the forbidden fruit has a lot of appeal, and the grass is greener on the other side. But believe it or not, some guys wish that they were not in a relationship at all, but find themselves too connected to their current partner to let go. So even though these guys are not lonely, they very much wish that they were. In this case, single guys have it all, and the freedom that they take for granted.

As perspectives change, appreciation of what we have already is the final factor in perceived happiness. The only real sadness is that sad people really do have a lot to be happy for, compared to some other people around the world.

Be happy, everybody!

Ronielle out

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Loving An Escort

As an escort, the only way for career longevity is to establish long lasting emotional connections with as many clients as possible. While it is true that love is a very confusing emotion, creating sadness from love is often a balancing factor in life. The potential happiness from falling in love is great; the key is to allow the happiness to infiltrate all other aspects and people in your life. The fastest way to lose the happy feelings is to wonder if it will last forever, or contemplating if it is real, or doubting yourself if you are good enough to be loved by this type of person.

Unfortunately, we cannot always rationalize with our hearts. When I see love im my clients' eyes, I feel so good because being loved is amazing. When that look turns to sadness, it breaks my heart as I usually know why the reason: reality checks in. The reality of the situation is that the same convenience of setting up a date with no emotional strings attached is also the problem, but who knows about that going in?

But with all candor, progressing a relationship has many risks too. Many guys know that, and are happy without the emotional ties a real life (as in non-escort) partner. Of course, the forbidden fruit has a lot of appeal, and the grass is greener on the other side. But believe it or not, some guys wish that they were not in a relationship at all, but find themselves too connected to their current partner to let go. So even though these guys are not lonely, they very much wish that they were. In this case, single guys have it all, and the freedom that they take for granted.

As perspectives change, appreciation of what we have already is the final factor in perceived happiness. The only real sadness is that sad people really do have a lot to be happy for, compared to some other people around the world.

Be happy, everybody!

Ronielle out

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Taking Care of Your Own Needs In a Relationship

Sometimes we fall in love with someone who is not compatible sexually; this is actually pretty common. Compatibility issues such as partner refusing to explore sexually, like resisting anal sex or performing orally, is a mild issue in the beginning, yet what starts out to be a crack in the pavement slowly becomes a pot hole over time. The investment in the relationship is at a point where breaking up because of sex sounds petty; but sex is no longer fun and is confined to the pleasure of the limit maker. So what do you do?

Let's use an artistic analogy. When I was studying sculpting, the basic shape is very important at the beginning. Small flaws are overlooked at this stage, but as the sculpture develops, and a perfectionist mindset sets in, all little problems are amplified. The sculpture is nearing completion, yet I am still not satisfied because of a problem that only I am focussing on. But there comes a point where I decide that the sculpture is finished, flaws and all, because there is no point in spending more energy on the problem (basically I learn to accept and live with it).

In a relationship, there are many flaws we have to accept in our partners. But we realize that they also have to accept our flaws as well. If we are in a monogamous relationship, sexual incompatibilities may be an issue depending on the actual definition of 'monogamous'.

If monogamous means not loving other people romantically, this usually includes not having sex with other people. This type of relationship is the most confining but has the potential to be the most rewarding of all relationship types. This type of relationship scares a lot of guys, including me. Some guys are capable of loving a lot of people because they are full of love. Jealousy and insecurities twist this concept into loving someone else to hurt someone we already love; this is identified as passive aggressive control. People who love a lot do so because it is part of their nature and it makes them happy, not because it will intentionally hurt someone else.

If monogamous means not falling in love with another, but meaningless sex (whatever that means) is permitted as long as it is discreet and hidden, then the obvious choice is to see an escort, who has no long term agenda in the encounter, and can be available very discreetly without having to cruise for a mate in a public area. The escort is responsible to please the client needs, within reason. The most common problem new clients have with escorts are forcing the escort to have a good time, probably because they have spent such a long time trying to please their partners with hopes that they will someday give in to their demands sexually. With an escort, you should focus on your own selfish needs and enjoy it, because the escort will appreciate you more for it. Quite frankly you should focus on the service, not the worker. It may seem self-centered, but consider getting a massage: remove the focus from the masseur and more into the massage. An important skill is being used here: taking care of oneself. Learn to focus on your own pleasure, and your sessions with an escort becomes more fulfilling because he does what he does best: pleasing the client directly. If your pleasure comes only from pleasing others, then you may be lacking the skills to taking care of your own needs directly. You may need to accept the fact that no one can ever love you more than you are capable to love yourself. Say no to selflessness for a while and indulge yourself.

You deserve it!

Thanks for reading!

Ronielle out

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Clients With Prostate Cancer

A man's disease, prostate cancer is very scary despite the fact that it is usually non-lethal. But the risks of complications such as incontinence, impotence, and the requirement for a colostomy bag is enough to cause serious concern. Listening to my clients' concerns on this matter, before and after their surgery, is something of a relatively common occurrence in a decade of escorting. Talking about it helps relieve mental stress a few degrees, especially in the arms of a male lover. Who knows, I may even get diagnosed with prostate cancer one of these days, and it may very well be me talking to my escort in the far future about it. Moral support and an attentive ear goes a long way, and sometime I wish I could do something about it, but I can't.

So to those brave men who will be soon going under the knife, please know that I am thinking of you and wishing for a successful surgery and a fast recovery.



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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Fever Anticipation

Here we are again, on the verge of good weather as winter blows over in its last attempt to freeze our nuts off. With sunny days and cold nights, sexual energy is building up everywhere; so what to do when you are hot and bothered?

First of all, don't hold back your sexual tension until it drives you nuts. I know the type: guys calling me to make an appointment for NOW or NEVER! The sexual tension reaches across the phone, and unfortunately my schedule is made the day before and I rarely have same-day openings. The smart ones realize that regular sex prevents this blue-balled devil from rearing its head, and schedules an appointment ahead of time in anticipation.

According to one of my favorite sex books, 'Zen Sex' describes the ritual of setting a future date of sexual pleasure, and savoring the feeling of anticipation as being 'alive'. Spontaneous sex is awesome too, but can be inconvenient at times, and rejection can create a hurt when logic fails to communicate with the penis. How to heal this pain? Schedule sex, and anticipate it. Enjoy the wait instead of showing penis-induced frustration to your partner (who will most likely consider it a turn-off and immature).

Make a date, prepare yourself for the fun to begin, and enjoy the full effect of lovemaking; planning, preparing, anticipating, savoring and exhaustion. Skipping to orgasm is fine for masturbating before falling asleep, not usually so when with a partner. If you need to look at a clock to pace yourself, do it. The longer the pace, the better the final orgasm (except for those with delayed-orgasm problems, more on that in another post). I try to pace my lovers as much as I can; some like it and some find it deliciously evil and sadistic. Perhaps the feeling of being controlled and surrendering spices up the pleasure factor, who knows for sure for every given moment. One thing IS sure... the ride is much more interesting than a bee-line to the finish line!

Take your time and have fun!

Ronielle over and out