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After escorting more than a decade full-time as a single means of employement, I have so many things to share about my experiences. It is not everybody who personally knows an escort, and maybe never thought that they are more than just a person who gets paid for 'services'. I love writing, so naturally I write about what I know best: my work. Since I don't have any co-workers to chat with, I will let you all inside my little head.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Justfor.fans/chemicalpenisronielle Profile

Working on my new profile on justfor.fans/chemicalpenisronielle which allows me to create content with 3 different subscription options. The reason is because I have a ton of valuable information, but really want to be sure only the right people will get it.

Because my personal research takes time, energy and money to continue, I am exploring on having support from my dear fans who, through a monthly subscription, will allow me to concentrate on making more content and videos.

Beyond doing webcam consultations at $150/h, a monthly subscription that has access to the Gold 🥇 tier is only $30/month, which gives you access to me answering questions and creating content based on what you want concerning chemical penis enlargement. This will replace my chemical penis enlargement blog, which is still free but with limited information. Gold subscriptions give access to silver 🥈 and bronze 🥉 tiers, too, described below.

Not into chemical penis enlargement? The Silver 🥈 tier $20/month gives you access to my adult content where I can show you all that I know based on my (gulp) 20 years experience as a gay escort. I will go over my personal sex life with anecdotes, and of course be responsive to reasonable requests from subscribers. My intension is to post only what you want. This will replace my escorting blog, and contains full nudity and not suitable for public viewing (or turn on mute and hide the screen). Silver 🥈 tier includes the following Bronze 🥉tier, but not the Gold (penis enlargement content) tier.

Cutting edge science and finding daily applications to optimizing a long, high quality lifestyle is what I share in the Bronze 🥉 tier, at $10/month. There is no frontal nudity in this tier, and it will be safe to view in public. My goal here is for sharing tips that I use myself that may help you make informed decisions about your everyday choices. I have a lot of nerdy references that can be looked up for further discussion. Longevity and anti-aging science is important for a metrosexual lifestyle, and I share my daily experiences with subscribers who are curious about what gives positive results.

If you have found any of my past content online to be useful, and you want me to continue making more stuff on the things you love, please visit my new website and take a look around. I would be thrilled to make content for my supporters, and each one of you is important to me.

See you there!
Love Ronielle

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