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After escorting more than a decade full-time as a single means of employement, I have so many things to share about my experiences. It is not everybody who personally knows an escort, and maybe never thought that they are more than just a person who gets paid for 'services'. I love writing, so naturally I write about what I know best: my work. Since I don't have any co-workers to chat with, I will let you all inside my little head.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sexual Damage Control: Undoing Traumatic Experiences with Bad Escorts

Unfortunately, the bad part of clients seeing escorts is that at some point they usually will encounter the bad ones who are only interested in grabbing the cash and leaving, with no services rendered. This is robbery, but the victims have no where to complain and report it because of fear for a multitude of reasons.

To bypass this, select an escort that does incalls and travel to them. An escort who has their own place to receive guys are less likely to cheat you blindly, since you know where they live and work.

Also read carefully the words the escort uses in their profiles online. Those who are articulated and well spoken usually have a greater education and thus can give a clue on their economic status (meaning that they are less likely to be struggling for fast money in the short term). Those with many simple errors in grammar can give you a bad feeling, which is not the way you want to start a potential business relationship. This may seem superficial, but if a business person cannot be bothered to correct themselves and present a mature front in communication skills, then you can expect the same (in person) to not pay attention to details. Or to care about what you think of their writing. In any case, those are 2 qualities you are looking for in a good companion (good communication skills and attention to details).

I am writing this this because of some recent clients complaining about the misdeeds of their past escorts. There will always be guys to take advantage of clients, as well as people who take advantage of escorts, but if we take the time to communicate, enough personality shines through to give you a good or bad feeling, based on your gut reaction at the time. If you don't have a good feeling, just don't make the appointment or cancel it in time. Regrets are usually the failure to heed your instincts in time. I routinely screen through potential clients and can tell whether or not someone is wasting my time, like asking me questions that they already have the answers to (through repeated questions over a long span of time or the same questions asked over multiple sites and apps).  Believe me, it is much better to spend time on things that I have a good intuition for than trying to figure out what an anonymous person is all about. It is all about spending the right energy for the right cause at the right time, and avoid wasting energy on drama and endless repeated questions.

Other than these few screening process, which may seem vague to some rationalizing people, it is pretty easy to spot the bad ones out there with false pictures and descriptions. The good ones will have many good quality pictures, the bad ones will use grainy and unclear pictures that look zoomed in or old. That gives a bad vibe right away. Don't hesitate to leave if the escort fails to live up to their own pictures and descriptions: they know what they are doing (which is dishonest and disappointing). But do this before entering and explain the false advertising, then leave quickly. Block their communications to avoid any angry backlash. These escorts definitely know that they deserve what is coming for lying upfront with their ads.

Dishonest escorts are my pet peeve, because they ruin the reputation of those who are interested in earning a living with this career. I may seem harsh with my words, but clients have more power than they think. They are not stupid bags of money wanting to be stolen from; they are real people with human needs and feelings and they are coming to us to be cared for. This vulnerability is not to be taken advantage of by a common thug. It is a show of trust and hope for a good time. In my opinion, being chosen to fulfil an important role in a part of someone's life (even if just for the moment) is a privilege. In a best case scenario, both the client and escort have a great time to reflect upon in days to come, and the escort is proud of a job well done (as well as funds to pay bills and to generally make life easier). This is my own opinion which I feel is right.

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