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After escorting more than a decade full-time as a single means of employement, I have so many things to share about my experiences. It is not everybody who personally knows an escort, and maybe never thought that they are more than just a person who gets paid for 'services'. I love writing, so naturally I write about what I know best: my work. Since I don't have any co-workers to chat with, I will let you all inside my little head.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Added Services to Escorting: Gene Therapy

It's been awhile since I've last made a blog post, but I have been very very busy with other projects and I'd like to share something with you that I believe can help a lot of my clients. It's all about gene therapy and how our epigenome is under attack every day by household chemicals, outside pollution, smoke, processed foods and various other carcinogens. Here's the link to escorting: many of my clients have medical conditions, and gene therapy can help restore baseline genetics (unhampered with accumulated carcinogens).

Most of my research these days are about epigenetics (and if you follow me on Facebook, linkedin, and twitter you will see what its all about) but I am still escorting full time in Montreal.

In any case, I feel that it's my personal duty to inform my readers about the ability to restore our cellular genetics and become healthy again using lunasin supplementation. I am setting up experiments to test lunasin peptides using Reliv nutritional supplements because it has a higher quality and stronger concentration of lunasin than other product lines.

Epigeneticals.relivinc.ca where I order now that I can get a 10% discount when I get a distributor membership for $50 Canadian per year. It comes with a personal website that I can order conveniently from and share with friends and family. It's only $50/month for the minimum self-protocol and if no results, a full money back guarantee. If it works, then I will proceed with extending the experiment to eventually a full year. If you do more research on lunasin and decide to get some for yourself or loved ones, please get it from the link above and I will be your personal contact in case you have any issues with it. I have contacts in the company and can get answers/solutions to problems in any event. I can also help you get refunds if it doesn't work out for you, as long as you get it from Epigeneticals.relivinc.ca

After reading the studies, I hope to use gene therapy to reset my vision, which has been declining steadily despite several surgeries in the past. Other goals is to examine the anti aging effects it has on elderly dogs, as my beloved pet is near the end of her story.

My friends' mother has arthritis, and my mom has diabetes. So many people have seen improvement in these conditions that I hope my clients, family and friends can explore the gene therapy angle too. Hopefully my clients also benefit from this knowledge.

I have to try and see if I respond well to lunasin gene therapy. Trying anything at least once, it should detox my genes from accumulated junk and assist with recovering from my workout sessions.

Thank you for your reading!

Ronielle out

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